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Running towards something

Tonight I ran to a point of tears. Blissful tears. Tears of triumph in that moment. I was running full speed, with all my force, along the George R Brown convention center alongside Discovery Green park and once I hit my target the wetness hit my cheeks. I was so happy. 

It sounds like a minor event. A weird one at that too. It's been a long week and an emotional month so this brief moment of triumph felt magnitudes larger.

This morning I woke up late, despite 11+ hours of rest, and my first move of the day was to curl up on my closet floor and just sat with my emotions. A wave of sadness swept through me and I couldn't source its root. I carried it all day, and even at one point was thankful it was there. I've spent my last couple weeks feeling empowered and capable and for some reason I was feeling momentarily lucky to be experiencing some other type of raw human emotion.

After a long day's cocktail of emotions, I'm ultimately left feeling just right. Like I'm exactly where I am belong. 

NOLA, it was lush.