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Compare and Contrast

I'm done comparing myself to beautiful girls, who I'll never be.

I'm done comparing myself to girls with sexy nose rings and luscious lips

Girls with symmetrical faces and thick hair

with butts that never need toning,

nails that never break,

Stomachs that don't fold,

laughs that never turns into snorts,

defined cheekbones and chins.

This isn't me. It'll never be me.

I've fought this inner being inside of me since I was 12. The one that keeps trying to tell me that I need these things to like myself.

I don't. I'm done thinking that I do. I'm done letting people make me feel like I do.

I am me. This isn't changing and I can't pretend to be or to look like someone that I'm not.

I'm still figuring myself out and I think the first step towards doing that is learning to love the things about myself that I can't change.

I can love myself. I can love myself. I can love myself.

Come away with me